Remember to turn in your essay!

This week we worked in the computer lab and revised our essays on the Constitution. Your final version will be due next week on Tuesday.



We will be doing creative representations of the Preamble–like the one below. We will discuss the six purposes of government outlined in the Preamble, and you should be able to identify and explain the importance each of these six purposes of government.

Tea Party in Boston!

Taxes, Representation, and a Tea Party

Paul Revere’s engraving of The Boston Massacre

Today we analyzed Paul Revere’s engraving of the Boston Massacre (image is below). Notice how Revere represents the British and the Colonists. Who does Revere suggest caused the conflict? What things do you notice in the engraving? What do the things you notice tell you about this event? What if a British soldier created his own engraving — would it look differently?

We compared this engraving with Captain Preston’s written account of the same event. Click Here for the link to the document

The Colonies

This land is your land…this land is my land. Who’s land? Natives? British? French? Spainish? What does it mean to Own land? This week we discuss life in the colonies