Final Exam

The final exam exam with consist of a short essay, where I will ask you to identify one cause of the American Revolution and explain why this event helped cause or lead to revolution.

Be prepared to explain why one of these events and/or people helped cause the American Revolution. As part of your explanation be sure to offer at least TWO perspectives of the event or person you choose. Example: if you choose The French and Indian War you could talk about this war from the perspective of the colonists, and you could then discuss it from the perspective of Native people. What did each side hope to gain? What did each side have to lose?

Here are some of the events and people we discussed as causing the American Revolution:

Samuel Adams
Paul Revere
The French and Indian War/ The 7 Years War
Quarantine Acts
Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Townshend Act
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
King George III
Intolerable Acts
The Declaration of Independence


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