Reading Strategies

“Fix up confusion” in your own reading. Try one of these tips each time you read…

  1. Make a prediction: anticipate what’s coming next. Expect certain new events to occur. When an event doesn’t match your prediction, reevaluate and get back on track.
  2. Stop and think about what you have already read: just stop and connect newly acquired knowledge with info already have…give yourself time to synthesize.
  3. Ask a question: makes you curious and you seek answer. Not all answers in the text: can use background info to answer questions like “What’s the main idea?”
  4. Write about it
  5. Visualize it: use what you know.
  6. Retell what you’ve read. Helps you reflect. Activates background knowledge and provides check on understanding. For me, this activity helps me find gaps in understanding.
  7. Notice patterns


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